5 Bible Verses for the Christian Parent

Bible Verses for Parents

this post may contain affiliate links. view our disclosure policy here Bible Verses for Parents My floors are dusty. We moved to Mexico last year and are just settling into our home. (**update** We are now back home in Tennessee, but plan on taking regular missions team down to Mexico!) It’s not finished. No counters and cabinets. […]

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God Has Not Forgotten Your Name

Most parents start early on teaching their kids to write their names. I remember doing exactly that as soon as my kids could hold a crayon. I would lovingly sit beside them and write each letter of their names on a paper and explain every detail of every letter to my children. My kids would […]

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Teach Your Children How to Pray.

Teaching your children how to pray is a priority for every christian parent. As I tuck my kids in every night, I pray for them. I pray out loud so they can hear me. I hope as they hear my spoken words, that they will grow in their prayer life with God. My deepest desire, […]

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