How Does A Daily Scripture Writing Plan Work?

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Inside: How to do your own daily scripture writing plan.

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What is Scripture Writing?

As a child, I remember the old kitchen phone in my parents house, it hung on the wall by the fridge. I don’t remember it’s color, but I remember it being the only phone in the house, pushing it’s circle buttons and the loud ringing sound it made.  It’s amazing how far technology has come.

One time, when trying to call a friend, on this kitchen phone, somehow my call got connected to a strangers call mid discussion. They didn’t even know I was listening in. EEEKKKK LOL

Even now, with all its advances, smart phones still can have bad connections. When I’m driving around town, I know the valleys and hills, to stay away from, that will cause an interference on my phone calls.

Scripture Writing Will Help Your Relationship with God


I get interferences sometimes with my daily quiet time and talking to God. On my end, I assure you, it’s never on God’s end.

Life seems to swiftly take control, like flood waters pushing everything out its way.

The past two weeks have been fierce. I look around at the damage that difficult circumstances have left in my life. ugh!

I read my bible, but the words stood still, in plain black and white instead of reaching deep inside my heart and soul with color, comfort and correction.



Get Started With Scripture Writing


The goal of Scripture engagement is to meet God in his Word.

Once I realized this, I stopped in my tracks. I asked God to forgive me for not being more intentional with my walk with Him and for allowing an interference between us.

I’ve always enjoyed scripture writing, in my own way. I’m not a talented doodle-ist, (<<<— is that a word?) but there is something about writing out God’s word that makes me stop and focus on Him.


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Daily Scripture Writing Plan


Here is how I like to do my daily scripture writing.

#1 Either research a certain word or topic in the bible, a topic that you are want to focus on. For example: Love, Joy, Peace, Faith, Overcoming, Biblical Marriage etc. OR follow me for my scripture writing challenges as I’m already putting in the work to hunt down topic bible verses.

If you do it on your own, find one verse per day of the month, if you are doing a monthly scripture writing challenge. You most definitely can do this on a weekly basis as well.


#2 Get a notebook, planner or something to write on and a pen or pencil.


#3 Colored pens, markers or pencils are great to color in your doodles or brighten up the white space around the scripture verse you write out.


#4 Pray. Praying over and during my scripture writing time has been so beneficial to my walk with God. I pray for forgiveness, guidance, for my eyes and ears to know and recognize when the Holy Spirit moves and guides me. I worship God. Humbly, being so grateful for everything. In prayer, I allow God to wrap His arms around me.


#5 Get started! Make an appointment with yourself, notebook, and God everyday for your scripture whirring time.


It’s that easy! It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated.

What do you think about as you do Scripture Writing? 

Great question. 

I pray as I write scripture.

I ask God to deeply embed the scripture in my heart and mind.

I repeat the scripture in my head or out-loud, over and over so that I might hide it in my heart.

As I pray I ask God to reveal what He’d like me to know or understand about Him and the scripture that day.

I’d love to see your scripture writing! Whether you are just starting or a pro at this, please hit the reply button or tag me on social media.


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Daily Scripture Writing Plan


Daily Scripture Writing Plan


Daily Scripture Writing Plan

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